In His Image Photography | About
In His Image Photography began eight years ago out of a long time love for photography. I have taken photographs for a long time, mostly of my children but when my husband bought me my first digital... well, it was the first step of me becoming really, really in love with making moments to last a lifetime by capturing time on a photograph.

The true reward for me is the moment of joy when you show the photographs to someone and they love them! One of the most rewarding comments was made to me was when a Senior said, with tears in her eyes, "Oh, you have made me, an ugly girl just beautiful!" Of course she was never close to ugly but she made me cry with her. She is one of the reasons why taking Senior photographs are my absolute favorite type of photography! From the boldest to the shyest, I love their zest for life and their enthusiasm about their future.

I am a wife, mother and I have two beautiful granddaughters, Averi Grace and Kaydence Mila. But, more than all of these I am a Christian and I love God. Alot. I want all I do to bring Him honor and glory and I hope my love for Him and life shines through with every shoot and photograph that is made.

May you find your way coming my direction... I would love to meet you!